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Record Details

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Logged in users may see an Actions button.  Select this button to:

  • Certify an objection
  • Manage delegates (add a delegate to perform certain actions on your behalf)
  • Provide Buildings with advance notice (plumbing) for certified inspections
  • Upload inspection results from an advance notice inspection (Plumbing) 
  • Submit certifications
  • Request gas authorization
  • Submit plumbing work type sign off request and work type sign off request withdrawal
  • Request plumbing sign off for Final TCO and Final CO
  • Request electrical sign off for Final CO

Licensed Professionals must be linked to their records in order to see the Actions button.  For owners, the email address in the application must be the same as your DOB NOW: Inspections account.

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Collapse Inspections

Only logged in users who are associated to this record will see a Request an Inspection link (if an inspection is required and has not already been scheduled).  Logged in users can also click the Actions link to the right of an inspection to view details or cancel upcoming inspections.

Licensed Professionals must be
linked to their records in order to see the Request an Inspection link.  For owners, the email address in the application must be the same as your DOB NOW: Inspections account.


Upcoming Inspections:

You have not added any inspections.
Click the link above to schedule or request one.

Completed Inspections:

There are no completed inspections on this record.

Expand Attachments


  • Only logged in users can click the Upload Attachment button to upload additional or supporting attachments for this record.  Use the Actions button in the Record Details section above to certify objections.
  • Click the Actions link in the Action column below to view attachment details for this record.

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Click on the 'View' link in the View column below to review related records.